Hangman machine

Overall, I would rate the global covid pandemic as a 1-star at best, but in some small ways it was actually a good time

One of those rare cases happened during the first confinement. The government had issued strict orders: stay inside, don’t meet other people, etc…

One day we found a note hanging from a string in front of our window. It was our upstairs neighbours wishing us a happy easter. We replied with another note, attached to the same rope

From then on, we exchanged messages, drawings, presents and mini games with them and their daughter through this new communication channel

One such mini game was the classic hangman. However, because I’m a nerd and the adversary couldn’t see what I was doing while waiting for my answer, I found a word list, and started working on a Hangman-solver

Yes, that’s cheating, but It’s much more fun to develop an algorithm to solve this problem than to just guess letters…

The code is available on github