Da vinci stickies

Enter a creative session with Leonardo Da Vinci’s sticky notes! Unfortunately, the great master won’t be able to join us for this one (being six feet under can reduce one’s availability somewhat), but he’s prepared a whiteboard with sticky notes to get you started.

Now you just have to pick pairs of stickies to combine them into brand new inventions, artworks and sketches, generated by Google’s image generation model

More information on the Project page

From the Art

An interactive installation that lets people explore others visitor’s feelings about artworks and share their own.

The installation was developed for the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, on the occasion of their 25 years anniversary exhibition

The results of this installation can now be seen online in an interactive experiment, released in november 2023

  • Pamela Peter Agbia Program manager
  • Mark Geary Project manager
  • Bastien Girschig Concept, UI & Development
  • Jack wild Blob Animations

Where is Hopper

A mini-game that lets players learn about interesting places around Europe while looking for their adorable penguin friend.

The project was led and authored by Lynn Cherny, and developed for the Google Arts and Culture Lab.

Fun fact: Our working title for the game used to be “Hopper is lost”, and that’s still what my brain calls it. One day I looked for it, and searched for that name on Google. It did not find the game, but provided this helpful suggestion:

  • Lynn Cherny Concept, Gameplay writing, AI generated illustrations.
  • Bastien Girschig development, UX.