digital edition cover

Ten of September two thousand and eight

This is a digital edition project, made at ECAL. It showcases two divergent viewpoints, using the portrait orientation for one, and landscape for the other.

The story revolves around the creation of the large hardon collider, and the conspiracy theories that it generated (earth-gobbling black holes, gateway for the litteral satan, etc…)

The vertical side focuses on the scientific point of view: What is the LHC, what are we looking for with it, what have we discovered ? It includes a (written) interview with theoretical physicist lawrence krauss

The Horiontal side focuses on the … less scientific point of view: How the LHC will open a gate in the Van-Allen belt for satan, and why secret societies might be looking towards that.

Joana Castro Graphic design
Margrét Gyða Jóhannsdóttir: Photograpy
Bastien Girschig motion design, development, interviews